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Course for kids starts from age 5 kindly contact Harini 9962843873 only watsapp pls

      Founded by International GrandMaster, Commonwealth Chess Open Gold Medalist 2018, Former Asian Junior Champion Karthikeyan Pandian.

“Chess is a Very Rich Game with Limitless Possibilities. It enhances your perception and opens up your mind in ways unimaginable.”
Here at Chessaura, we focus on the process of becoming a Strong Chess Player instead of running behind quick successes. If a person enjoys the process мега сайт and goes deep into the process, winning and losing will not affect his stability.  

Class Details

“All materials and programs are designed by Grandmaster Karthikeyan”

Beginners and Intermediate will be trained by S.Harini, Tamilnadu State Women Champion and Women International Master Elect.

Advanced Chess Players 
will be trained by International Grandmaster P.Karthikeyan, Commonwealth Chess Open Gold Medalist 2018, Former Asian Junior Champion.

Mentorship program : The Course is for smart people who enjoys Chess ,Eager to improve and get strong,

but got confused by too much open materials and books, Dont know the steady path for growth

Looking for a mentor who can show them “what needs to be done to become a Grandmaster”

We are grateful for many trainers who helped chessaura students from time to time,
Especially we are thankful to International master C.Praveen kumar & P.Ganesh International fide rated player, former state champion, Former SGFI Nationals Gold medalist. who regularly help chessaura students.

Learn the Different Dimensions of Chess

Madipakkam Chennai

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Class Schedule
Everyday 8 AM to 8 PM at the Academy

Online Classes are based on Availability.